When did we get the idea that it is OK to dictate taste to our neighbors?  Or, even worse, to use a government body to do our dirty work for us?  Are the proponents of this designation really willing to accept such interference in their affairs from others?  I really do not see the difference between someone imposing Landmark designation on me and my getting legislation enacted that outlaws something they have that may annoy me.  Perhaps gas guzzling SUV’s?  What if I compel you to get an electric car?  Or require you to compost?  Or force everyone to be subject to government monitoring of our thermostats?

Who wants someone else dictating aesthetic choices to us on our own property?  We believe each of us should decide what we like and are willing to pay for ourselves.  It is natural for thinking human beings to point at ANY remodel and say, “If I were doing that project I would have done it differently.”  Is it wise to give these strangers power over our preferences?  We cannot imagine why any of us would want to give up our freedoms of choice on our own homes to an unelected commission whose goals and processes are opaque, whose interest are not ours, who do not answer to the people, who cannot be voted out of office, and from whom the only redress in expensive court proceedings.