A key demographic of Park Hill is the young couples who move to our neighborhood to start a family.  They buy a house they can afford. But as their kids grow in number and size and as they become more financially stable they eventually seek to expand.  Moving is not a considered option for many of these families because they have fallen in love with everything Park Hill has to offer.  Landmark Designation will cause their choices to be fewer (perhaps none) and significantly more expensive and it will limit their ability to make aesthetic and cost choices on their own home.  As a result many of these families will have to move away or they will not come to Park Hill in the first place.  We will lose the vitality that comes from having young families and children in that area and the heart of Park Hill will be torn away.  If you think this argument to be exaggerated please drive through Landmark-protected Curtis Park or Baker District.  The feeling of those neighborhoods is very different.


Similarly other people with less financial depth will be harder pressed to maintain their homes as costs increase.  This is an unnecessary additional burden for them.


We must all realize the additional bureaucratic costs that accompany hiring a Commission-approved architect to put together a substantial packet of information for these additional reviews.  But there are significant other costs and potential costs as well.  Construction costs increase as material options are narrowed and as the reduction of design options forces one to compensate in potentially more costly ways (consider the significant potential additional costs of a remodel if you can only create second floor space on the back half of your house but the back half of your house does not lend itself to a staircase as well as the front half – you may have to remodel considerable portions of your home just to accommodate that restriction).


Calls to our various home insurers have shown that some of us will experience increased insurance rates.   Read more about insurance issues here>>